Faces of Optiverse: Florian Mettetal of Indiegogo (our recent contest winner!)

by Optimizely ‎12-09-2014 December 9, 2014 - edited ‎03-30-2015 March 30, 2015

Florian was the winner of our recent contest: "What are the must-have qualities of a Growth Marketers." As a Growth Analyst at Indiegogo, Florian's answer was spot-on. Here's his response:


"If I were the hiring manager at an Ecommerce or Webapp company the job requirements for a Growth Marketer would be:


  • understanding of how marketing tags/pixels work (experience with Doubleclick and/or a tag manager)
  • Google Analytics or Catalyst experience: particularly setting up / implementing an account, ad tracking with UTM, pulling multi dimensional reports for funnels to build marginal CPA analysis per customer cohort 
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel (Pivot tables FTW)
  • 2014 front end coding knowledge - Expert HTML/CSS(a simpler language than JS), moderate knowledge of JS/jQuery to understand UI and UX opportunities and be able to implement tests with an A/B framework (Optimizely!

Combining these components you can manage and optimize an advertising campaign from the view, to attribution, to how to optimize your UX per cohort."




I asked him a few questions so we can get to know him on a more personal level. Here are his answers:


Florian.jpgName: Florian Mettetal

Title: Growth Analyst 

You can find him at: www.linkedin.com/in/florianmettetal/




  • Tell us about your journey to work in Conversion Rate Optimization.

I’ve always been a geek and an entrepreneur. I started off as a website developer but while seeking growth roles at companies often found myself in marketing positions (web marketing manager, SEM manager, etc.). As I developed my skills as a marketer the industry caught up and there was more often a need for someone with my hybrid skillset. Today, I have a huge amount of technical and marketing knowledge that I combine to succeed in my role as a growth analyst.


  • You have a very extensive background in Marketing. Are there a few specific skills that you’ve picked up along the way which have proved invaluable for your current Growth Analyst job at IndieGogo?

I’ve built companies with affiliate programs, SEO, advertisements, and conversion funnel tweaks. My toolbox consists of HTML, javascript, RoR, MySQL, SEO, Google Analytics, Optimizely, and Excel. The most valuable skill I have is my understanding of Google Analytics. Too often a business won’t build analytic infrastructure until they’ve grown to the point where they need to make business decisions grounded in hard data rather than hope. Unfortunately, without having properly implemented a web analytics strategy the business doesn’t have data to support why they’re successful today and the sad fact is that they could have gotten their quicker having applied the scientific method to their product development from the start. GA isn't a miracle worker; an analyst is needed to combine business objectives with product development to apply the scientific method (hypothesis, research, test, analyze, report) to gauge the ROI of feature development.


  • What tip would you give to a friend who was just getting started with website optimization?

Build a strong understanding of why UI changes work. Search for company presentations or whitepapers about website optimization and why changing a button color or position had the effect it did.


  • What’s a fun fact about yourself that others wouldn’t guess upon first meeting you?

Here’s a few: I’ve worked for the nerdiest MMORPG (EVE Online), started a fraternity chapter (Sigma Pi), owned an EDM event company, and am a diamond league Starcraft2 player.