Faces of Optiverse: Matthew Hayden (our recent contest winner!)

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We recently ran a contest in Optiverse which asked for surprising test result stories. Our Optiverse member, Matthew Hayden, was randomly chosen as the winner of this contest. I wanted to give you all the chance to get to know him a little better -- he is a true rockstar!!
Here's a brief intro to @CK-Matthew -- I encourage you all to ask him any questions you may have. He has a ton of great experiences in the digital marketing world, and his stories of accomplishment totally blew me away. Plus, his dog is apparently very fashionable Smiley Happy
Name: Matthew Hayden

Company Director, Conversion Kings 

You can find Matthew on Twitter and LinkedIn:
I asked Matthew a few questions, and here's his responses. 

What habit do you have that helps you be a successful website optimizer?

Being painfully curious


How did you get the idea for starting Conversion Kings in Australia?

I have had amazing success with CRO when I used to run the ecommerce channel for a major Australian retailer, however always struggled with getting the developers, designers and analyst to work collectivity together. I saw the Optimizely software in November 2013 and was totally blown away by the functionality and ease of use. After a rigorous selection process (Thanks Chris for being so patient) I saw that Optimizely was the tool that I could build a business on that would: 1. Give clients transparent results 2. Timely and low cost of execution 3. Be supported by a great team. After a bit of R&R in Spain came back to Australia and haven't slept sinceSmiley Wink


What's been your favorite A/B testing moment so far?

I was introduced to a client who was on the brink of firing her PPC / SEO agency and letting go of staff due to not being able to keep the business profitable with the rising cost of PPC. My favourite moment was after two and half months of working with her, we ended up in a group meeting with the client and agency going over the results and to see the smile on her face and relief in her eyes as I had increased her conversion rate by over 30% and increased the average basket size by 15%, meaning that the agency remained and she was now needing to hire more staff to handle the influx of business and sales. - that was definitely a highlight!


Many companies are just scratching the surface of web/mobile optimisation. What do you think is the potential of CRO? Conversely, what do you see as the biggest challenge?

It's hard to answer how big the potential of CRO is, just the same as the question "how big is the universe?" ... I don't know precisely, but I do know it is substantial.  I feel the biggest challenge to CRO is simply education, that it is not to be feared but embraced.


What's a fun fact about yourself that someone wouldn't know right off the bat?

My dog has her own wardrobe full of outfits for all different occasions even though my girlfriend does not approve!


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