March Optimizer of the Month - Roman Delcarmen from Sunpyramid Health

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We’re so grateful for all of our community members and each month we love to highlight one of our top users for continuing to ask and answer questions, and for staying actively engaged.



This month we’ve chosen to highlight Roman Delcarmen from Sunpyramid Health. Roman, who’s known around his office as the "Doctor House" look-alike, has contributed to over 90 Community posts in 6 months. Based in Nicaragua in Central America, Roman shares how he sees Optimization there and about his job as Sunpyramid Health’s Marketing Manager.  Learn more about Roman below and be sure to send him congratulations!


Where are you located?

Nicaragua in Central America


What is your job title?

Marketing Manager


Tell us more about Sunpyramid Health

Sun Pyramid Health is a company focused on the development of natural products. We manage our own network of online stores and we have an Amazon presence as well as offices in USA, the United Kingdom and Central America.


What does “experimentation” mean at Sunpyramid Health?

Experimenting for us has meant change and continuous improvement, implementing an optimization process was a complicated task. We had to invest hundreds of hours to understand how to do it and we also had to train our staff.


What is the best thing about doing experimentation at Sunpyramid Health?

The best teaching that our experiments have left us is the understanding of our customers. Before using optimizely the decision taking was not based on data, on the contrary it was based on personal appreciations. That changed since we  began to see the results of our experiments.


What size is the experimentation team at Sunpyramid Health?

We are 4 in the team, 1 Graphic Designer, 2 Front end Developers and Me (Im the person who setup the experiments)


What is one of the biggest experiment wins Sunpyramid Health has seen?

The biggest accomplishment was the re design of our star website, we did 9 experiments testing all kinds of things: colors, design, layout, sources and at the end we doubled the revenue per visitor to more than double from $ 2.5 to $ 5.2


At this point, we will start experimenting on all of our E-Commerce sites.


What is the most interesting learning you’ve gained from an experiment?

Never, Never, Never take anything for granted


What’s one thing you would change about Optimizely?

I would not change anything, it is for me the most robust tool in its type


What types of clients do you work with?
I'm the leader of our marketing team (here at Sun Pyramid), I also work as a consultant for others companies and the most important are Hotel Chains, E-commerce sites, and Outsourcing Companies.

How do you see Optimization in Latin America more broadly?
There's a lot of things to do here in Latin America and I think Optimizely has a great opportunity.
There are many agencies and big companies that don't know what is optimization process about.

When we were choosing our A/B test solution, I suggested Optimizely because we had a bad experience with VWO, and Optimizely has a strong community and great support, keep in mind that we had nobody with the knowledge or the experience to implement an Optimization process. So I took the challenge, started to learn and then I started to train our team.

Here there are many companies coming to Latin America to outsource part of their business, but there are many challenges in that. As an example here at Sun Pyramid, just half of our development team can speak English.

As a solution, first I started to translate all the manuals of Optimizely. I learned a lot in the process. then I started to create a lot of material with examples, tutorials, step by step guides and so on.(all in Spanish)

At this point, I want to create a blog with that material. I worked for all kinds of e-commerce business and I pretty sure that there's a lot of opportunities. But companies like Optimizely needs to understand how to monetize those opportunities.


Share an interesting tidbit about yourself (doesn’t have to be work related). At Optimizely we have a tradition of all new hires sharing a fun fact about themselves. What’s a fun fact about you?

I prefer coffee over tea.

Some call me psycho, some call me geek and some even call me smart.

My favorite font is “Proxima Nova” and I hate Samsung smartphones.


Check out Roman's Optiverse profile to connect with him on LinkedIn and Facebook!

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Congrats Roman! It was really cool reading about the redesign and potential for testing in Latin America.

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Keep spreading the good Optimizely report!

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