Meet and Greet with this week's Stars + Top Discussions

by Optimizely ‎09-09-2014 September 9, 2014

I am excited to announce several Optiverse members who have graduated to a new Level! Please introduce yourselves to each other. 


So we can get to know you better, please tell usHow did you end up working in conversion rate optimization? Was it intentional?


Our new Level 2 stars:  @33Sticks , @analarue , @BostonAbrams , @CK-Matthew, @DuncanC , @Foxxes , @djarsoftware , @hbaecklund , @HeLiH , @jgoldberg , @jhwall , @Lisa_Norris , @mana , @markhayden , @nabha , @nile , @QMarketing , @rafael , @sheluho , @Shlomo . @spuiszis , @tylerball , @stephen-page , @wguinan , @Yoshida 



Our new Level 3 stars:   @ben , @nolanmargo , @siherron 


BIG NEWS, we have our very first Level 5 member! Congratulations, @adzeds ! This is an incredible acheivement. 


Here are some interesting discussions that happened last week:


  • We had a webinar about "Getting More from your Optimizely Results." I posted the slides/recording in Optiverse here, and our experts (Darwish Gani and Hudson Arnold), are answering any questions you may have directly in the discussion. It's a great way to ensure you're taking full advantage of all the functionality and features avaiable on the new results page. 
  • @ben asked how other community members are measuring the succeess of their CRO program? I know some of you experts out, especially some of the agencies, probably have a great process for this. Please share your thoughts. 
  • @MeganBush is asking for testing advice for highlighting the price on a product page. Can you help? 

Keep up the great work! Also, don't forget to post your suggestions for how to make the Optimizely product better on our "Product Ideas Board." Our Product Team reviews this board at least once a month and your ideas and votes help them prioritize upcoming features. 

by Optimizely
‎09-09-2014 September 9, 2014

Level 5! Awesome stuff @adzeds ! Congratulations!