Meet and Greet with this week's Stars!

by Optimizely ‎07-14-2014 July 14, 2014 - edited ‎07-21-2014 July 21, 2014

I am excited to announce several Optiverse members who have graduated to a new Level!  Please introduce yourselves to each other 


So we can get to know you better, please tell us: if you could have a super power, what would it be?


Mine would have to be teleporting myself from one place to another! 


Our new Level 2 stars:  @EricF , @dkumar431 , @JohnH , @naltimari 


No new Level 3 starts, but I do have a VERY special announcement -- we have our first Level 4 member: @adzeds !


@JohnH posted a question about how to prioritze test ideas and the community responded with some excellent advice! @nolanmargo , @keith_lovgren , @chrisgoward , @Hudson and @adzeds all posted some tips, such as using the PIER framework, (Potential, Importance Ease, Risk). 


Also, keep on posting your ideas on what can make the product better. Our product team continually reviews the "Product Ideas" board and we've just launched annotations due to the sheer popularity of the idea in Optiverse. Thanks @MJBeisch for your recent ideas! 


Keep up the great work and I hope you all have a wonderful week! 



‎07-15-2014 July 15, 2014

Level 4 , Blimey!


There has been some great content across Optiverse over the past  week and some interesting topics have been covered so I would recommend having a little scan back through the most recent tips if you have not been on here for a while.


Super Power: This is a common question yet one I have never narrowed down to a single selection. I think I would stick to that old favorite 'Invisibility'. That way I could easily hide myself away to get on with my work without being disturbed. You can also sneak into events and venues without being seen or having to pay!

Good list here:

Level 11