[New Features] Improved search and easier sharing!

by Optimizely ‎10-06-2014 October 6, 2014

We just launched some exciting changes to Optiverse. Here are 2 big ones:

  • Several community members gave me feedback that it was difficult to find articles/discussions using Optiverse search. 
  • To make it easier to find what you are looking for, we improved the search logic. The keyword you searched will now be highlighted in the results. Also, the preview text will now show a more relevant snippet of what's contained in the article.
  • When you search in the top "Find Answers" bar, you'll now see a dropdown with icons corresponding to the content type (KB article, community discussion, idea, etc.) 
unnamed (1).png
unnamed (2).png
  • Previously, if you wanted to share a discussion on your social networks, you had to copy the URL. 
  • Now, there is sharing fuctionality embedded in each discussion to allow you to broadcast interesting discussions, show off your idea/success story, and ask your social networks for advice. 

unnamed (3).png

Please email optiverse@optimizely.com if you have any feedback on the improvement