[New Industry Report] 53% of Optimization Programs Plan to Increase Budget

by Optimizely ‎06-15-2015 June 15, 2015

“How many people should I have working on optimization at my company?”

“Is the number of experiments I run really an indicator of how successful my optimization will be?”

“Will optimization generate positive ROI?”


Optimization is a rapidly changing industry. We wanted to shed some light on how testing has impacted the organizations that choose to adopt it as a dedicated capability, and to be able to provide concrete statistics that illustrate how the industry has evolved.


The Optimization Benchmark


We’re excited to share the findings from our recent research in our first Optimization Benchmark Report. The findings from the research will be interesting to a number of audiences:

  • If you’re leading an optimization program, use the findings to benchmark your team’s structure and process, and see how you measure up to your peers.
  • If you’re making a business case for optimization at your company, take a look at the top benefits and key metrics around team size, pacing, and prioritization to illustrate how optimization will impact your business.


Check out the Optimizely Blog to learn more about the report and some select findings.


The full report can be downloaded here.


And finally, if you’ll be at Opticon this week, come to “Benchmarking your Optimization Program” on Wednesday, where I’ll review the findings from the report in detail.


If you have any thoughts or feedback, leave a comment here. Did any of the findings resonate or surprise you? What types of research would you like to see from Optimizely in the future? You can also email me directly at shana@optimizely.com.