New in the Knowledge Base - Optimization Strategy, Experiment Creation, and Mobile App Testing

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What's going on fellow testers? It's Brian from Customer Success at Optimizely giving you an update on some great new and updated material we've made available within our Knowledge Base! Our various subject matter experts have documented helpful tips on optimization strategy, integrations, troubleshooting for experiments, mobile app testing, and more! We've also made some revisions on existing articles based on your feedback.


This will be the first of a running series to keep everyone up to date on new content and features as they become available. Stay posted for these in the future!


Please note each title is a link to the Knowledge Base article!


Optimization Strategy


Idea Submission Form

by Ryan Lillis, Strategy Consultant

  • Understand the purpose of an idea submission form.
  • Build an idea submission form ranging from simple to detailed.
  • Find and use tools that help you create your own form. 

Forming a Hypothesis

by Amy Herbertson, Technical Support Representative

  • Form your own data-driven hypothesis
  • Understand the components of a strong hypothesis
  • Learn from “winning” and “losing” hypotheses  


Experiment Creation


Implementing Optimizely on Wordpress

by Bradley Taylor, Sr. Solutions Architect

  • Set up the Optimizely plugin on a Wordpress site 
  • Add the Optimizely Snippet directly to the theme’s header
  • Test headlines outside of Optimizely using the API

Integrating Optimizely with Lotame

by Ehsan Mafi, Customer Education Manager & Shaunak Mali, Solutions Architect

  • Use Lotame visitor data to create Optimizely Dimensions
  • Integrate Lotame and Optimizely so that Lotame can pass information into experiments

Integrating Optimizely with Salesforce

by Lyndsey Williams, Technical Support Representative

  • Use Salesforce reports to create Optimizely Audiences
  • Integrate Salesforce and Marketo with Optimizely so that Salesforce can pass information into experiments

An update on our Page View Goals article

by Ehsan Mafi, Customer Education Manager

  • Track a visitor's pageviews (to measure the success of your variation)
  • Set up a pageview goal in Optimizely
  • Use regular expressions to match a custom range of pages

Implementing Optimizely w / Google Tag Manager using the dataLayer

by Amara Shah, Sr. Technical Support Representative



Experiment QA & Review


Variation Isn't Appearing as Expected

by Nils Van Kleef, Technical Support Representative

  • Check whether the Optimizely snippet is conflicting with your page
  • Figure out whether there's a problem with your experiment variation code 

Why Isn't My Test Reaching Significance? [Update]

by Allison Rodriguez, Sr. Technical Support Representative

  • Helpful tips on why an experiment may not reach statistical significance for designated goals

Troubleshooting: Analytics Discrepancies - Google Analytics & Universal Analytics

by Amara Shah & Kathryn Castle, Sr. Technical Support Representatives

  • Optimizely and GA / UA may not match data-wise due to a number of factors. This article covers how to troubleshoot data tracking between the 2 platforms


Mobile: iOS and Android


Phased Rollouts for iOS / Android App

by Joel Balmer, Technical Support Representative

  • Use phased rollouts to mitigate risk of crashes
  • Implement code / experiment changes to facilitate a feature rollout


Mobile Optimization Ideas: Re-engagement

by Pamela Ongchin, Mobile Solutions Architect Team Lead

  • This article is part of a series about optimization and testing ideas for mobile apps




Setting Language Preferences within Account Settings [Update]

by Daniel Quick, Customer Education Manager

  • How to set your language preference within Optimizely


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