Optimizer of the Month: Jeremy Bradford, Conversion Optimization Specialist at HomeAdvisor

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 Optimizely has a program where we will spotlight one optimizer who is pushing the boundaries of A/B testing and personalization every month. This month we're featuring:


Jeremy_HomeAdvisor.jpgName: Jeremy Bradford

Company: HomeAdvisor

Job Title: Conversion Optimization Specialist


Launching over 60 tests in 2015. Running for 169 miles without sleep. Jeremy Bradford certainly sets the bar high for his personal and professional achievements. As HomeAdvisor’s dedicated optimizer and conversion specialist, Jeremy shared with us how he moves fast to add value. 





When did you start working in the optimization space?

I started doing a/b testing with print materials back in 2005 when I worked for a large direct mail education company. It was exciting work but required a great deal of patience since conversion data would take at least six months to arrive. In 2009 I went to work at HomeAdvisor as a product manager and began digital a/b testing almost immediately. Six years later, I now focus exclusively on conversion optimization across our entire site.


Do you consider yourself a data-driven person? Are your peers?

I very much consider myself a data-driven person and it's one of the things I most enjoy about the HomeAdvisor culture. Anyone can have a good idea as long as it's grounded in solid data. We have a large team of BI analyst and very good tracking of customer interactions through Omniture and other internal tools.


What was your craziest test idea?

I wouldn't say I've done anything "crazy" since that would be kind of reckless. I do a ton of tests, over 60 this year, but they're all grounded in sound reasoning. Wouldn't risk not having a defensible reason for launching a test - there's way too much money riding on it.


How would you describe Optimizely to your friend?
Freakin' awesome! More agile than agile.

What's your favorite Optimizely feature?
Speed! I love that I can conceive test ideas and deploy them on our site within hours. Having the safety mechanism of being able to turn the test off at any point allows me to be slightly more daring than I would under a traditional process which requires code changes to our site. I can run many times over the amount of tests that I could using our internal a/b testing tool.

Okay, how about least favorite Optimizely feature?
Checking on a test via a mobile device. That experience could really use a lot of optimization ;-)

What would be the impact if you stopped using Optimizely?

I'd have to find another tool or another job since using Optimizely is at least 80% of what I do all day. I love doing Optimization and it's hard to imagine not doing it for a career at this point.

What's the most fearless thing you've ever done? Personally or professionally.

In 2012, I was the first person ever to run across the entire province of Prince Edward Island from tip-to-tip on the confederation trail. It took 46.5 hours to run 169 miles in a single push without any sleep. Hardest thing I've ever done for sure.


Anything else you want to add?

Just that I'm a huge fan and a big evangelist for Optimizely. I'm very happy doing what I do for work and it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable if I had to use a sub-standard platform.


Feel free to reach out to Jeremy here with questions! 

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‎10-26-2015 October 26, 2015

Congratualtions @JeremyBrad, and thanks a ton for the great feedback!