Optimizer of the Month - Martijn Scheijbeler Lead Growth, SEO & Analytics at The Next Web

by Optimizely ‎08-11-2015 August 11, 2015

Optimizely is kicking off a new program where we will spotlight one optimizer who is pushing the boundaries of A/B testing and personalization every month. Last month, the optimizer was Suma. This month, our Optimizer of the Month is Martijn Scheijbeler Lead Growth, SEO & Analytics at The Next Web


0c9e24a.jpgThe Optiverse community thrives because of members like Martijn Scheijbeler. Martijn never hesitates to answer testing questions, share ideas and connect with other users. Over the past two years Martijn has helped to build a testing program and process at The Next Web. Starting at the company as a SEO specialist, he quickly took ownership of A/B testing, and focused in on the goal of driving reader engagement on The Next Web site.



 Here's a snapshot of our interview with Martijn: 


  • You have done a ton to build out the testing program at The Next Web. Do you consider yourself a data-driven person? Are your peers?

Yes, all the changes we make on our platforms are monitored. For most data points the results are automatically pulled in for reporting and analysis later.


  • You’ve been using Optimizely for 2 years now. How would you describe Optimizely to your friend?

I’d simply describe it as Plug and Play A/B testing. The WYSIWYG editor is my favorite feature if you just want to change something small - it's even faster than typing the needed jQuery code.


  • What has been your craziest test idea at The Next Web? Did it work?

I'm still surprised this had such an impact. We tested a CTA to another project by adding the amount of available products to it; by doing this we increased clicks by over a 100%.



  • What's a website or app you simply cannot live without?

Definitely thenextweb.com. I also love Pocket to make sure I can keep up with all the articles I still have to read.


  • Fearlessness is one of Optimizely’s core values. What's the most fearless thing you've ever done? 

Professionally, pushing code live to servers without testing the code or users. Scares me every time! Luckily we have access these days to our production servers within the marketing team.



  • Thanks for joining us at Opticon this year and speaking at the event! What was your favorite experience from the conference?

Being able to fly halfway around the world and to meet so many great people who are also interested in the same topics as myself.


  • Did you discover any key learning’s or new insights from the event?

Yes definitely! I think the most important learning to me was ensuring that your company culture supports A/B testing. If they don’t, then you’ll have a very hard time implementing and scaling your testing program. Luckily I’m in a very good place at The Next Web where we don’t have these issues. It was interesting to hear how others are navigating this situation.


  • When you are not testing at The Next Web, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

Reading. I try to keep up with hundreds of blogs. On a weekly basis I pick the most interesting articles from these blogs and save them to my Pocket app. Working is also fun to me, and I enjoy hanging out with my team.


  • What would you love to see Optimizely accomplish in the future?

I’d love to see Optimizely create an even bigger community, where we really try to help each other in finding and creating the best solutions to innovate and scale everybody’s testing program.


Additionally, check out Martijn’s Opticon presentation, along with his recent blog post How The Next Web Scaled Their A/B Testing Output 100x.

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