Optimizer of the Month Spotlight: A.R. Tabrizi from Demand Media Inc

by Optimizely ‎09-22-2015 September 22, 2015

A.R. Tabrizi.pngSeptember Optimizer of the Month Spotlight

A.R. Tabrizi, Demand Media



A.R is our User Group leader in Los Angeles and has been pushing the limits of testing at his company and sharing his learnings with the local optimization community. He has a background in Analytics and Product Development; these skills make him a true leader in the industry. Demand Media encompasses several media and eCommerce companies, and A.R is pioneering a successful optimization strategy for all of them. Please be sure to give him a virtual high five and feel free to ask him any questions! 


  • When did you start working in the optimization space?

I started working in the optimization space in 2012; I found optimization a great opportunity to combine my experiences and skills in business, product, engineering and data.


  • How does Demand Media support your optimization program?

Demand Media leaves my hands open to try almost anything that the optimization team wants to test, I hardly ever get a “No go” for something that I’m excited about trying on our products.



  • What has been your proudest accomplishment with Optimizely? Have you launched any unusual tests?

I always like to generate out of the box ideas and try new and sometimes “out there” experiments. “Crazy” tests can work, or at least give you unique insights into user behavior.

Mix of usual and unusual tests on Optimizely allowed me to generate millions of dollars in additional annual revenues and created a unique experience that allowed me to be in a leading role in optimization domain and to become an expert in using Optimizely.



  • How would you best describe Optimizely to someone who has never used the platform?

It’s a very easy tool to run A/B and multivariate tests and allows you to find ways to drastically improve monetization, engagement and user experience.




  • What's your favorite Optimizely feature? Okay, how about least favorite Optimizely feature?

Code editor is the number one feature that I use. Code editor allows me to make very extensive changes to the site without going through the engineering process.

My least favorite feature would be the limited way that results are being presented in the dashboard. I usually like to see beyond the aggregated numbers and see daily results (similar to what you see in the google analytics); the only way to do this within the dashboard is changing the date range over and over. The daily results allow you to detect potential seasonality or any weekly trends.



  • Why did you decide to be our LA User Group leader? What are you hoping to achieve during these meet ups?

LA is rapidly growing in the internet domain and optimization is a growing field. Leading LA Optimization User Group means being part of a growing field in a growing market. I believe these meet ups can help creating a more dynamic and enthusiastic optimization community in LA, and become a part of the ongoing transformation of the city that was only known for entertainment industry before, to a large tech hub.



  • What's a website or app you simply cannot live without?


Professionally: Google Analytics, Optimizely, LinkedIn, and Hacker News

Personally: Netflix, Open Table, BandsInTown (definitely check it out if you are into live music and concerts), Society6.com


  • Being fearless is one of Optimizely’s core values. What's the most fearless thing you've ever done? Personally or professionally.

I have been training in different types of martial arts since childhood and participating in MMA competitions till 5-6 years ago was probably the most daring things that I have done.

In the professional career I have never backed down from an out of the box concept or a challenging situation. Great wins and innovations only happen when you push the boundaries.


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