Optiverse members are featured in an Optimizely eBook: The Optimization Survival Guide

by Optimizely ‎10-14-2014 October 14, 2014 - edited ‎10-14-2014 October 14, 2014

In the Optimization Survival Guide, we polled over 40 optimization veterans from the Optiverse community and compiled their thoughts on everything from setting an optimization strategy to building a testing culture.


This eBook launch is a huge opportunity to highlight all the rockstars in the Optiverse community. Congratulations to everyone on the achievement! 


I'd definitely encourage you to download the guide and check out all the tips (there are over 77 of them!) 


Download the Guide


With the Optimization Survival Guide, you’ll be able to:


  • Set your optimization strategy up for success by knowing what to expect
  • Create smart experiment hypotheses and build effective testing processes
  • Use your newfound inspiration to hit the ground running on your next experiment
  • And more!

Here's a sneak peek of some of the featured experts: 






by Optimizely
‎10-14-2014 October 14, 2014

Congratulations to all of the experts included in the ebook! It was a pleasure to work on showcasing all of your expertise in this guide. There's definitely useful information for anyone who's testing today.


Some of my favorite tips were Spiralyze's weekly meeting format and Peep Laja's advice on how to approach inconclusive tests.

by keith_lovgren Level 2
‎10-15-2014 October 15, 2014 - edited ‎10-16-2014 October 16, 2014

This is a really great resource. It's insightful and there are gems contained inside that you won't find anywhere else on the web. Here's one example from @chrisgoward 


"Your conversion rate really is irrelevant because there are so many factors
influencing it. The traffic segment, product and seasonality (and many
more) will all impact yours.


For example, I can lift your conversion rate immediately by turning off lower quality traffic, but that might also harm
your business.

The only conversion rate that matters is your relative conversion rate in
an A/B test.

Let me emphasize that point: Conversion rates are only important for
controlled tests.


Most importantly, whatever your current conversion rate is, it can be
improved and should be used as your criteria for making your important
website decision."


Great job putting this handbook together!



‎10-15-2014 October 15, 2014

Great read and have been sending this around to many people today.


Nice to get my ugly mug in there as well.

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by siherron Level 2
‎10-16-2014 October 16, 2014

It's a really great resource and I'm stoked to be included amongst the experts.


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