The Optiverse got an Extreme Makeover

by Optimizely ‎01-17-2016 January 17, 2016 - edited ‎01-17-2016 January 17, 2016

Since we launched Optiverse in 2014, it has grown into a thriving community, and we want to thank you for helping us grow! We’ve also actively sought your feedback about how to make Optiverse even better.


Based on your feedback, as well as a battery of A/B tests and qualitative user testing, we’re proud to introduce a new design. It has a new, more dynamic look and feel. It’s a look that is familiar to Optimizely customers and very approachable to anyone interested in learning more about optimization and personalization.  


Here’s what you’ll find in the new Optiverse:


  • Brand new, optimized aesthetic.

The new Optiverse is redesigned to enhance usability. Many A/B tests led us to where we are today. Besides the data, our beta testers validated that it looked pretty darn good, too. The new left-nav sidebar gives you easier access to sections within the Community, Knowledge Base, and Academy. You’ll also have a clearer view of your support options.


A convenient hover state allows you to quickly, and easily access different parts of the Optiverse. If you didn’t notice, click the arrows on the navigation to expand your options.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.31.35 AM.png


You now have a central page to see new updates to Community, Knowledge Base, and Academy. This page will highlight announcements, new discussions, trending articles, and popular learning paths available to you. Use this page to find new, fresh content if you check Optiverse frequently. Our vision is to personalize this page for you over time.


We’d love to hear your feedback on how we can make this page as useful as possible.


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.33.31 AM.png


The new Academy arranges content into learning paths and provides more interactivity, such as quizzes and simulations. Log in and try out one of our new courses, like Fundamentals of Web A/B Testing or the Platform Certification Study Guide. We’ll be adding new content over time, such as learning paths for different roles on your optimization team.


Use the code NewOptiverse to get 50% off your Platform Certification (expires March 31, 2016)


  • Improved search.

One issue we saw with the old search is that users had difficulty determining whether a certain search result was a Community post, a Knowledge Base article, or an Academy lesson. That made it harder to find the right information at the right time. Through several rounds of testing, we’ve come up with a design that makes it easy for you to differentiate between types of content. Search from any page in the Optiverse and we’ll find the most relevant answer for you.


Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.39.12 AM.png


And, of course, we’ll continue to improve Optiverse to make it better for you. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear them -- post them right here, or email me at




Amanda Swan

Community Manager

‎01-18-2016 January 18, 2016

Really looking good @Amanda. Good job!

Level 10
by ahrensj
‎01-20-2016 January 20, 2016

Looks great, is there anywhere I can report a broken link? https://help.optimizely.comsections/200008015-Manage-Accounts 

Level 2
by joostfromberg
‎01-20-2016 January 20, 2016

Looks great @AmandaSwan! Maybe some more directional cues for firsttimers?

by Optimizely
‎01-20-2016 January 20, 2016
Thanks for the responses. We do have a "newcomers" board that you can find here: This provides the community guidelines as well as some tips on Optiverse features. We will be making a video to guide you through the new Optiverse in the very near future as well. Did you have any other specific ideas? Thanks for the link issue. Here's the correct link if you need it in the short term. I'll have that fixed asap: Looking forward to hearing back from you both.
by Optimizely
‎02-02-2016 February 2, 2016

Hi @ahrensj, I'm not sure if you found that section, but you can still find it at


It looks like the link you used may have had a piece cut out of it. Hope that helps!