What's New in the Knowledge Base? April Edition

by Optimizely ‎04-30-2015 April 30, 2015 - last edited on ‎04-30-2015 April 30, 2015 by Optimizely

Hey Optiversians! Adam here, from the Customer Education team. I'm often asked, "What's new in the Knowledge Base?" (By my mom. My mom asks that.)


And I wanted to share with you, too! Check out these new articles to learn more about Optimizely.



Freespee Integration

by Joel Balmer

FreeSpee is a call-tracking service.


API Tokens and OAuth

by Adam Avramescu and John Provine

Many Optimizely integrations require administrators to generate API Tokens for the REST API. This article walks through how to generate API tokens and view applications authorized via OAuth.


Lytics Integration Update

by Teja Shah

Lytics is an analytics tool that allows you to identify predictive audiences and use them across your digital marketing channels. We’ve changed the way this integration works, and released new documentation providing options.


Inspectlet Integration

by Teja Shah and Lucas Swartsenburg

Inspectlet is an analytics tool that allows you to see heatmaps and session playbacks based on experiments.


Krux Integration

by Teja Shah

Krux is a Data Management Platform (DMP).


BlueKai Integration Update

by Teja Shah

BlueKai is a Data Management Platform (DMP). We’ve changed the way this integration works, and released new documentation providing options.


Amplitude Integration for iOS

by Teja Shah

Amplitude analytics tracks actions in your app, and this article walks through how to integrate it with iOS experiments.



QA your iOS experiments

by Joel Balmer

This is the equivalent of the “Pre-Launch Checklist” article, but for iOS experiments. It walks through a QA process and debugging options.


The Data Object (and Optimizely Log)

by Michael Wei and Brad Taylor

The Optimizely Data Object can be used to customize experiments and to QA. We’ve created a new article detailing how to use the Data Object, and also moved the Optimizely Log information from the “Pre-Launch Checklist” article into this one.


Facebook Comment Tracking

by Matt Moravec

Earlier this year, we created documentation about tracking Facebook Likes. Then we added in tracking Twitter follows. Now, we add content about how to track Facebook comments as a goal!


Single Page Apps and Activation Mode: Update

New solutions for using Activation Mode to run experiments on Single-Page Apps.


CSS Selectors and Traversing the DOM

by Lyndsey Williams

Are you trying to move items in the Editor AND modify them? This article will help, even if you don't know much about jQuery. It walks through how to traverse the DOM to manually identify CSS selectors in the Editor.


Scheduler Update

by Adam Avramescu

We’ve updated our Scheduler documentation to reflect the recent changes made to this feature!




Custom JS audience conditions is now its own article

We took one of the longest and most expandable sections of the Audience Conditions article, and made it its own article. This new article includes specific use cases for Custom JS Audiences.

***Have you written an interesting Custom JS condition that you'd like us to feature as a use case? Reply to this thread and tell us more!***


Wordpress and Magento are now their own articles

Wordpress and Magento are very commonly searched for, so we pulled them out of the CMS article and made them into their own articles so that they would be easy to find.


Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps you become a better optimizer!