OptiCon 2014: Be Relevant: How Optimization Helps You Know Your Audience

by HeatherW ‎05-05-2014 May 5, 2014

In this session, experts from Microsoft and Liftopia help define the use of segmentation within their organizations and share lessons on designing and tailoring products and services that satisfy targeted groups.

Alissa Polucha, Program Manager at Microsoft, provide insights on how the company sees testing and its unique approach to scaling it globally. For products that serve students to gamers, segmentation provides an understanding of how to use signals of a buyer's intent or interest to improve brand marketing overall.

Dave Nuffer, Product Manager at Liftopia, provide simple, inspirational A/B and multivariate testing ideas. His presentation will highlight how Optimizely is used to improve the conversion rates of two marketing channels; SEM and Affiliate marketing. Visitors from different entry points have different goals, and by understanding audience goals and serving up the right information immediately, Liftopia can minimize the risk of losing a potential sale.



David Nuffer, Liftopia
Alissa Polucha, Microsoft




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