OptiCon 2014: Developer Showcase

by HeatherW ‎05-05-2014 May 5, 2014

The Developer Showcase highlights useful tips and tricks directly from developers using Optimizely.

The session is moderated by Adrian Gregory, Success Growth Team Lead at Optimizely, and features Peter Hastie, Front--end Developer at Bleacher Report, and Chris Moen, Lead Web Developer at CityPASS, sharing how they've used advanced features in the editor and the Optimizely API to run more dynamic tests and improve performance on their site.

The covered features include:

Testing content that appears after page-load
Getting the most of your goals with custom events
Testing an entire new page layout without redirects
Getting the most of the Global CSS & Global JS
Implementing code for efficient targeting, tracking, and segmenting




Download the Presentation Slides