OptiCon 2014: Disruptive Product Positioning with A/B Testing

by HeatherW ‎05-05-2014 May 5, 2014

Building a new market with an innovative and deeply technical product: it's a tall order for a small company. With few resources, extremely limited time, and well-funded incumbent competition - how do you describe a new product few people have heard of, much less thought of?

Stormpath has used Optimizely (along with other analytics tools) to carve out a new market in a deeply technical -- and skeptical - audience. More importantly, the small team has been able to nimbly test into great positioning that larger competitors can't touch, without spending money on expensive agencies, or burdening the team. Through a series of A/B tests, they discovered:

- How users identified our product as a great solution
- How to set themselves apart from the confusingly-adjacent competition
- How to describe functionality in terms customers understand

In this presentation, Claire Hunsaker, VP of Marketing at Stormpath, covers actionable lessons from positioning tests, tips on how to structure A/B tests for new product positioning, and how to interpret results.



Claire Hunsaker, VP of Marketing, Stormpath



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