OptiCon 2014: Optimizely For Developers

by HeatherW ‎05-05-2014 May 5, 2014

Optimizely has powerful features, both exposed and under the hood, that make it easier for developers to implement sophisticated tests without re--inventing the wheel with each test.

Yahel Carmon, Director of Product Insights at Blue State Digital, and James Fox, Technical Account Manager at Optimizely, discuss the ways Optimizely makes developers' lives easier, giving demonstrations of the technical strengths of the platform and real--world examples of how to leverage Optimizely to manage an online testing program. 

Learn how to implement Optimizely the way advanced users and developers do, and ensure you're not missing out on its hidden gems.



Yahel Carmon, Director of Insight Produce, Blue State Digital 
James Fox, Solutions Architect, Optimizely




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