OptiCon 2014: Partner Ecosystem Showcase

by HeatherW ‎05-05-2014 May 5, 2014

For many customers Optimizely has become a critical platform to listen to customers' web engagement and turn those data points into an improved experience. It's natural that users want to extend the Optimizely platform with all of their other marketing applications to become more effective in their decision making. Learn about a few of the complementary platforms to Optimizely that will help you unlock the most conversions from your web properties.

The partners attending discussed:

  • How Clicktale's heatmaps and session playbacks can uncover the areas of the webpage that are most influential to your customers' decision-making process and may require further optimization
  • How integrating Optimizely with the analytics platform Mixpanel can help you track more granular goals and view comprehensive reporting that seamlessly integrates with your business.
  • Why you should use Usertesting.com to observe where customers are finding challenges on your site, and create tests to then improve their experience.



Geddes Munson, Mixpanel
Darrell Benatar, UserTesting.com
Shai Tamari, ClickTale




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