Ability to sort variations on the results page

Status: Great Idea!
by Kees on ‎06-17-2014 June 17, 2014 - last edited on ‎07-29-2014 July 29, 2014 by Optimizely

In addition to the request of amitch5903 I miss also an option to sort variations on coloms like Visitors, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Improvement and Chance to Beat Baseline.


Especially by running MVT tests with a lot of variations you want to sort variations on highest to lowest Conversion Rate, but at least so important is to sort from lowest to highest for example. Another example is to sort on Chance to Beat Baseline to check which variations have the most chance to become winners, or even important losers.

In addition to better sorting the result page it would be great to have an option to exclude traffic for example the worst performing bottom top 10 MVT combinations in an experiment to get faster significant results for the top 10 winners.


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Status: Great Idea!
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by Optimizely
‎07-29-2014 July 29, 2014
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by timgregory
‎10-07-2014 October 7, 2014

would also be great to sort on variation name - it seems as if Optimizely sorts on variation ID, but sometimes I find that I have named them in a specific way and would like to sort that way and also to export to CSV in the order of my choosing


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