Add to Overview Dashboard - Integration Details, Variation IDs

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by gmenefee ‎09-04-2015 September 4, 2015

Since going into the Editor to retrive simple setup info is sort of a pain (loads slowly), using the Overview/Dashboard is the quickest way to retrieve basic info for a test (and is a great recent enhancement).


Add Integrations View in Overview:

As we use the Adobe Analytics (Omniture) integration quite a bit and reserve many different evars and props for testing, it's be great to see which evars/props we are using for a given test in the Overview.  


Add Variation IDs in Overview:

In addition, since we elect to obfuscate our test names, adding the variation IDs to the Overview would be hepful as in Omniture, this is the way we have to view test names:


Optimizely_Exp_3154680118: Var_3157510126

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