Allow for Comments and Annotations

Status: Done
by Jono ‎04-17-2014 April 17, 2014

It would be great to be able to post notes regarding certain Goals or dates within the 'View Results' section. Currently, we are at the mercy of the Goal Name and other Optimizely terms. Being able to input notes/details about certain goals will help other teammembers understand what each change is affecting without having to figure it out in QA. 


Also, the ability to add annotations as certain events may want to be noted within the results. (i.e. - release went out, reasons for traffic shfts, etc)

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by Duncan Level 2
‎04-22-2014 April 22, 2014

I second this. Annotations is a real lacking feature as it's so important to know what else is going on in your universe that may affect experiments

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by MeganBush Level 2
‎04-24-2014 April 24, 2014

It would be great if we could make comments or notations on the results page calendar, just as in Google Analytics.


This would be helpful for seeing weird spikes after a big sale, or if you make another change on your site that could be affecting results.

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‎04-28-2014 April 28, 2014
Status changed to: New
Community Manager
by thisbetom
‎05-16-2014 May 16, 2014

Currently all chat about results happens in external threads and is prone to getting lost and/or having to CC people in. 


Ability to annotate / chat / leave notes on the results page would be a nice feature.  Would help keep discussion in a single place and/or stickiness for the product.



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by HeatherW
‎06-02-2014 June 2, 2014
Status changed to: Great Idea!
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by Optimizely
‎07-08-2014 July 8, 2014
Status changed to: Working On It!
We're working on adding descriptions for goals, and also letting you annotate certain events in the results. Stay tuned!
by Optimizely
‎07-09-2014 July 9, 2014
Status changed to: Done (Partially)
We've added annotations to the results page. You can now annotate the charts on the results page with notes about events that may affect your experiment results. For more information, see