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by ‎01-12-2016 January 12, 2016

There needs to be a better way to manage Click Tracking when testing new designs!!


Currently each click goal for an experiment is unique to that when the target and challenger url are the same.  When testing new designs (which I do frequently) - a new click goal must be created for each experiment because of the target url changes.


Idea:  Have a templated click tracking system that can be applied to the experiment.


For example:

There are 2 element on your page that you regularly test against:

  1. Clck to Chat (#click2chat)
  2. Call us(#CallUs)

On your new designed page the ID's are different and the URL is different (for hosting and design reasons which you may not have control over):

  1. Click to Chat (#chat)
  2. Call Us (#call)


Soluton: is to have a group of click goals that you can apply to the experiment and then be able to edit / modify the experiment to taraget the new page's URL and element ID's.  (Instead of doing this one at a time!)  


The Click Goal GroupTM is created once based on the A (Original)  and then applied to any experiment that uses the base/orginal URL that has a different B (Challenger) URL and HTML structure.



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by JDahlinANF
‎01-12-2016 January 12, 2016 - edited ‎01-12-2016 January 12, 2016

Edit your goal and expand the "Advanced" accordion.  In this area, you can enter as many CSS selectors as you want.


For example, you could have a single goal that includes each of

#click2chat, #CallUs, #chat, #call


This one goal can then be used for every experiment.


In our setup, we have one goal for "Add To Bag" and it is bound to clicks to 2 different CSS selectors that represent the Add To Bag button across multiple brands (differentdesigns across the sites).  This one goal is used in 17 different experiments.

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