Consolidated Dashboard

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by raman ‎08-07-2015 August 7, 2015

Optimizely needs to connect to the entire Universe of Analytics by partnering with other Analytics systems so that we can on one consolidated dashboard see data for users from external clicks through to conversion. It can possibly achieve this by partnering with the App Store/Google Play, referral tracking providers such as Kocvhava, AppsFlyer etc. as well as Push Notification providers, as well as Analytics systems such as Localytics, Google Analytics and so on (or at least some of the above) to get the data needed for such consolidated reporting on conversions.


So for example what is the conversion rate and behavioural stats for users coming in from a News site Ad to download the app, and deep link or search for a flight and buy a ticket, or book a hotel. Or from a push notification and so on.


This would really be an amazing and powerful tool to have. I will launch my own startup and do this if you do not!!

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by raman
‎08-07-2015 August 7, 2015


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