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by ‎12-11-2014 December 11, 2014

It's a generally accepted consequence that major updates/enhancements open the door to more requests. Even when everything is moving in a positive direction, getting what we want inescapably leads to wanting more.


The current presentation of the Results page encorporates so many things I've requested over the years that I must pause first to acknowledge what a great advancment this page is over its former incarnation. 


That said, my very first attempt at creating Custom Views immediately inspired a new feature request:


The ability to create a Custom View based on an existing Custom View.


The moment I used my new Custom View, I went to the center drop down and realized I'd love to see this view with all of the Goals set to "Chance to Beat Baseline" and be able to quickly switch between the states. I knew that I'd have to start all over from scratch and set:


  • The beginning date
  • Each Goal I wanted to track
  • Reorder them because, intuitively, I expect each additional Goal to be added at the bottom of the list but they are added to the top
  • Choose my segmentation
  • etc.

then, once I had an exact replica of the first view, add the graph view setting to each goal.


So, of course, I began looking for a way to copy the current Custom View so I could modify it rather than go through all the work to create it again. Alas, no such function was found. 


No "Save As New".

No "Save as Template".

No "Create New From".


Nope. Nothing.





It's worth noting that this request is about more than convenience*.


The most significant consideration when dealing with repetitive activity is the fact that manual operations such as this are prone to error and oversight. One can be much more confident that a set of identical views with one variation has been successfully generated if all the common elements can be recreated automatically.


* "If Necessity is the mother of invention, then Laziness is the father."

    - Thomas A. Fischer

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  • I see now that I was mistaken about the Date portion. That does not appear to be saved in the view...bummer.

Updated: Later that same day...


I've just gone back to my saved views and found that the Graph view (Conversion Rate Over Time, Chance to Beat Baseline, etc.) are not saved with the view. 

All things considered, I guess that's actually a higher priority request.


New Request:

Make everything that can be adjusted on the Results View part of what is saved in a Custom View. 


MVP interim solution: When Adding or Editing a custom view, don't show changable elements that aren't part of what is saved in the Custom View. It's very disorienting to be in "Edit Mode" changing aspects of the view only to find out that your changes are ignored. 


Possible Bug:

I just noticed that when you add elements like Goals or Performance Summary to a Custom View there's an Audience selection connected with each element. However, once the view is saved, the Audience selector disappears from the individual elements completely.

In this instance, the interface is actually presenting custom options that aren't even available on the actual view.



It looks like the Audience settings are applied to the individual elements in a custom view. Unfortunately, there is no visual indication when the view is shown to indicate which Audience is selected for the element. So, if I created a view that shows a Goal with 3 different Audiences for comparison, I have no way to know which is which unless I open the View Editor to check.

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