Editing Experiment-JS and Experiment-CSS not in an Overlay

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by ‎06-02-2016 June 2, 2016

Hi there,


i am some sort of a "heavy user" of the experiment-js and experiment-css options. mostly, editing is really a pain, because:

  • the overlay is on top of the current variation
  • applying changes therefore is not directly visible
  • but the editor is not using full-width although there is nothing more to see in the background ;-)
  • opening the editor takes to many clicks ( yes, i am lazy ;-) )

Why do you not add tabs to variation-ja-editor to allow an easy switching between code? Or implent an option to use the experiment editors in some sort of a sidebar? screen-width for developers is much larger than the common websites with its 1280px standards ....


Maybe this is interesting for you 

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