Export experiment info from Overview page

Status: New
by Brian_DeLoach ‎06-11-2015 June 11, 2015

Is there a way to export the information in the right pane of the Overview page? For example, we'd like to be able to export a spreadsheet that contains the experiment name, the URL targeting, and the Audience for all tests that are running. I saw something that lets us connect to the API to get test results, but that isn't quite what we're looking for.


Additionally it would be great if that pane on the right side included details around whatever Conditional Activation rules might be set within the test.


The issue we have is that we have 100 or so websites each with a handful of different page types. We have 60 or so tests running at any given time across different sites, targeted to different geos, running on different page types. It's difficult keeping up with where tests are and aren't running. When we start a new test it's always an exercise to determine where we should target the new test so there's no conflict with current tests and to determine the amount of traffic we can expect the new test to get. To do this we have to look through all currently running tests and map out what pages/sites do and don't have tests running. It would be a helpful starting point if we could export this type of information right out of Optimizely.


Also, if anyone has any suggestions on other tools to use to make this process easier we'd love to hear it.