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by Julita ‎10-31-2014 October 31, 2014

Hi! Smiley Very Happy


I think it would be very nice if the Experiment Edit Page would include Hypothesis Tab.

Then the editor would be able to write the hypothesis or give a short description about the experiment.

This feature would help with giving a better idea about the experiment, especially if a few people are working on it.


It would be useful to grab it later from the API as well.


Attached are 2 pictures of how it could look like.


Status: Done
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by max
‎10-31-2014 October 31, 2014

Very good idea: to emphasize on the need: we're building custom dashboards with the API to share information internally (e.g. on our Intranet). Some of the information about the experiments (e.g. hypothesis) is missing from the API, so we have to merge it with some other sources, which kills a bit the idea of a fully automated dasbhboard created with the API.


Another similar request: a "screenshot" button which allows taking screenshots (whenever you're happy with the way the experiments look in the editing mode). Then those screenshots become also available via the API.

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‎11-02-2014 November 2, 2014

I can only agree with both examples. Mostly screenshots are really valuable to later review the changes that have been done in a logbook.

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by Optimizely
‎11-04-2014 November 4, 2014
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by Optimizely
‎11-04-2014 November 4, 2014 - edited ‎11-04-2014 November 4, 2014

@MartijnSch , @Julita , @max This is a great idea, and thanks for the mockups! We're working on a new Optmizely dashboard that will include the ability to add descriptions to any experiment. You'll be able to use that field for your own notes, a hypothesis, or anything else. We'll be starting a beta of this soon (keep an eye out on your dashboard for the link to opt in) and I'd love to hear your feedback then.


We'll also be exposing this description via the API so you can use it in your own dashboards. The property will be named "details".

by Optimizely
‎11-21-2014 November 21, 2014

Hey everyone,


Just wanted to let you know that we've incorporated this idea into the new dashboard, which we're beta testing now. To try it out, just visit http://www.optimizely.com/dashboard and then click the link at the top of the page that says "try the beta". I'd love to hear your feedback!


Specifically, you can add a hypothesis in the new dashboard by selecting an experiment and the clicking "Edit Text" in the description category on the right.




by Julita
‎11-24-2014 November 24, 2014

Hi JonN,


The new dashboard looks great!! Great job and thanks Smiley Happy!

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by Optimizely
‎12-05-2014 December 5, 2014
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by ben
‎12-11-2014 December 11, 2014

Yeah this would be super cool! Great idea.


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