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by sbottorff ‎07-22-2015 July 22, 2015

To keep the team informed, wouldn't it be cool to have a Wall St. style ticker display with all relevant experiment data scrolling through? Then you could add all your traffic and analytics data as well. I bet it's totally doable with RaspberryPi and the REST APIsomething like this

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by Optimizely
‎07-22-2015 July 22, 2015

HI @sbottorff - just to confirm, would you like this to show up in your Optimizely dashboard? 

by sbottorff
‎07-22-2015 July 22, 2015

The idea is that it would be an actual hardware, mounted on the wall, constantly displaying metrics and experiment data.

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by 2017anuj
a week ago

Yes the API is great and we'll be able to create something more comprehensive in the future, but for now a simple dashboard that lets us know at least running experiments would be tremendously useful. 

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