Make it possible to delete Projects

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by maddy ‎06-01-2015 June 1, 2015

Hi Guys,


at the moment it is not possible to delete projects.


Once setup we cannot remove them from our dashboard.


Please give us the easy feature to be able to remove obsolete or unwanted, unused projects

from our account.



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by Optimizely
‎06-01-2015 June 1, 2015 - edited ‎06-01-2015 June 1, 2015

@maddy - Are you aware of the ability to archive old projects? This will let you remove unwanted or unused projects. To do this, click on the menu button on the dashboard and then click manage projects. From here, you can archive projects so they don't show up any more. I've included screenshots below to help. 


Does this sound like it solves for your idea? We are looking forward to hearing back from you!


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.43.34 PM.png


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.25.39 PM.png


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.25.39 PM.png

by maddy
‎06-02-2015 June 2, 2015

Hi Amanda,


thank you very much for your kind reply.

Yes, I am aware of the option to archive projects.

However we have some empty "dummy" projects that were just used

for some tests.


I don't see any use archiving empty projects. I think you would agree.


So why not add a feature that lets us delete projects?






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by maddy
‎06-10-2015 June 10, 2015

Can you please just add this simple feature?
Thank you!

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by Optimizely
‎06-10-2015 June 10, 2015

Hi Maddy,


Thanks for following up! Your idea is something we'll take into consideration for the future, but unfortunately is not something we'll be able to turnaround on soon.


In the meantime, I hope archiving these older unused projects will be sufficient. If you do ever create a new project and want to declutter your archived list, I'd recommend repurposing one of these older projects you wanted to delete and renaming it for your new project.


Thanks for your suggestion and feedback and also for your passion for using Optimizely. If you have any other thoughts please let us know.



by puglisij
‎09-08-2017 September 8, 2017

 Yes please!  Absolutely ridiculous you cant delete an experiment. Irritating when I know what I'm doing and want to clean things up!

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