Maybe create a bug list for the community & developer sites

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by SarahR ‎05-07-2014 May 7, 2014

It might be cool if you guys had a place for users to tell you where there were bugs or innacuracies in Optiverse and the developer portal. That way we can help you to keep it up to date :-)  




For example: when you use browser search (Ctrl F) on the developer site (once you are in one of the sections) the header gets messed up. I'd attach a screenshot, but it doesn't look like I can. Essentially, big text appears overlapping the logo area. This happens for me in Chrome and IE, but not Safari. Not a big deal, but something I noticed and thought I would pass on. 

Status: Great Idea!
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by HeatherW
‎05-07-2014 May 7, 2014 - edited ‎05-07-2014 May 7, 2014
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Hi Sarah. This is a great idea.


A core value of Optimizely is to be extremely transparent, externally and internally. I'll give you an update of the bugs we are working on below.



I opened a ticket for the bug that you found on developers.optimizely.com & have someone looking into it.


Optiverse bugs:

  • "Request Entity Too Large" - we are actively working on this issue.
  • "Authentication Failed" error - We just discovered the root cause for this error and will begin working on it next week.
  • Single Sign On for Mobile - we will start work on this before the end of the month.
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by Optimizely
‎09-29-2016 September 29, 2016
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