More flexibility in how goals are tracked

Status: Working On It!
by themikelee ‎10-02-2014 October 2, 2014

I'd like to see more ways of tracking goals. Currently the only two ways of tracking goals are users converted, and revenue per user.


Some goal tracking scenarios I'd like to see:

  1. Events per user (How many purchases did each user make?)
  2. Events per session (How many product pages did a user view in one visit?)
  3. Numeric values for goals besides rev/user (Avg order value, number of items in cart, options selected, etc)
  4. Negative correlation (Which variation reduced errors the most? Minor issue I currently just look for the biggest loser.)
Status: Working On It!
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by Optimizely
‎11-20-2014 November 20, 2014
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