Multi-Page experiment URL Targeting for "everything else"

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by ‎05-12-2016 May 12, 2016

In setting up a Multi-Page experiment, the URL targeting for each page must be mutually exclusive.  Please add an "Everything Else" URL Targeting for Multi-Page experiments.


From Multi-page funnel experiments:

"The most important thing to remember about multi-page tests is that you need keep the targeting conditions mutually exclusive. If a certain URL on your website matches the targeting conditions of two separate “pages” within the multi-page test, the variation code for both of those variations will execute."


Here is an example of why:

I have an experiment where I have 3 page types:

1- Feature Category Pages

2- New Arrivals Category Pages

3- All Other Pages on the site


I am able to use RegEx to easily target the page types for #1 and #2, but to create the "everything else" page type, I had to use RegEx to include "all pages" and then use Simple Match to exclude the list of pages that are captured in the first two page types.  Given that each page type in #1 and #2 exists twice (once for Guys and once for Girls) and the number of subdomains in our setup (13 unique combinations), the "Exclude" list contains 52 different URLs.  It would be much easier and more reliable if there were a checkbox for "all pages not defined in other page types" - perhaps this checkbox generates the equivalent of the following (and re-generates it every time the experiment is saved in order to catch changes).

!(isPageTypeOne || isPageTypeTwo)


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