QA setting for your test

Status: New
by mattboz89 ‎05-16-2016 May 16, 2016

The idea behind this is having a QA setting for experiments. This could just be a radio button next to the audience button. This would automatically add the cookie condition with optly_xxxxxx_test to all of the audiences currently assigned to that test, the xxxx would be replaced with the domain of the Editor URL

if no audience is set than a test audience with the cookie set is created and assigned to the experiment.

This will be beneficial and help to ensure that tests do not go live on production prematurely. 

We could even go as far as having two 'audiences'. One could be assigned to the QA state and another for production (live state). This could also come in handy if one needs to quickly modify an experiment which has already been pushed live

QA setting.PNG
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