Reporting for multiple campaigns

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by ReneeThompson ‎06-16-2015 June 16, 2015

We run a lot of campaigns that are similar to each other (even exactly the same), but because we need to see performance uniquely, they are separated. They are typically targeted to different sites or sets of pages but the tests are the same. When pulling results, we pool the aggregate data together, which enables us to get a significant amount of data. Pulling this information is tedious and it would be great if there was a way to pull and export results of multiple tests at once - the visitor information and the main goal information (by custom date range).

by Optimizely
‎06-16-2015 June 16, 2015

@ReneeThompson - is this idea similar to what you are looking for? Or are you looking for a way to pull the results from very specific experiments within 1 project into 1 export?


Can you provide a bit more information on what specifically you are pooling together and what metrics you're looking at as the most important? 


Thank you! 

by ReneeThompson
‎06-16-2015 June 16, 2015

Hi Amanda - yes this is similar to what I'm looking for, except that as you said I'd like to choose specific experiments for which to export data. I suppose if all active experiments were included in an export, we could manipulate that data and pick and choose what we want; however, the issue I see there is that since there are different goals, I'm not sure exacty how that output woudl look or how much extra work it would take to manipulate post-export.

Here's an example for you of what I'd love to have. We have a set of experiments called "QSO - Bitpipe Fulfillment - XXX" (where the XXX indicates the specific topical segment). There are 10 of these now but we plan to expand to 30. So right now we have to go one by one to look at the results, and then we plug numbers into a spreadsheet for each (visitors and goal/click data... there are 4 different goals for these ones). The spreadsheet marries this Optimizey data with back end data from another system so that we can look at the entire conversion funnel. We aggregate the data but also look at it by segment. I'd love to be able to look at the results of all of these specific experiments in one shot/one export. It would save a lot of time! This is just one example, but we have multiple scenarios like this. Does that help? Thanks!