Ressource Storage

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by ‎06-04-2016 June 4, 2016

Maybe it is a very personal issue, but let me explain my idea, which results of one common usecase for me:


I do a lot with Javascript in two ways: Setting up data arrays ( hotel resort data ) and using my own Javascipt functions. This is fine and it works, but i always have to copy both and maintain them in different experiments.


What i like to optimizely is, that it provides a storage for uploaded images. So why not do the same with Javascript-files.


How about creating a files-section for all experiments, where one can upload js-files. Within an experiment one can attach them to the experiment on experiment or variation level.


This makes maintanance and creation much more easier and besides this, users can exchange files via the community or within larger enterprises.


What do you think?

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