Snap Shot of Experiment Variations

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by ShaneHale ‎04-21-2014 April 21, 2014

One thing I feel is lacking (and some times frustrating) is the ability to look back at experiment variations.


After I have archived a completed experiement, I'll often what to reference it for ideas or learnings. The problem is that production code changes may of occured since the experiement was turned off, and the variation design no longer renders correctly. 


It would be nice if Optimizely could take a snap shot of the variation just as a visual refernece to the experiment's variations.


- shane

Status: Great Idea!
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by SarahR
‎04-21-2014 April 21, 2014

I totally agree, but understand that it can be tricky with more complex tests!  


Maybe when archiving a test, give an option to take screenshot(s) or upload our own (so we can hone in on the actual change on a more complex test).  And then associate it with the results view.

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by HeatherW
‎06-02-2014 June 2, 2014
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by amitch5903
‎07-29-2014 July 29, 2014

To make the results report even more compelling, it would be great to be able to add images (screenshots) of each variation tested.

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‎07-29-2014 July 29, 2014

That indeed would be a great addition, I usually already include them in our testing documentation so we know in a couple of months what we've tested and how it looked like.

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by Optimizely
‎07-30-2014 July 30, 2014
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by daannijkamp
‎09-12-2014 September 12, 2014

It will be great if it was possible to generate screenshots from the different variations by using the Optimizely’s REST API.

This could be done by providing a png image directly from the API or a url to a clean preview html version of the variation so i can render the screenshots (in different device formats (!)) my self. 


Use case:

in combination with with the experiment results from the api i want to render automatically (!) "experiment results PDF reports".

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by max
‎11-25-2014 November 25, 2014 - edited ‎11-25-2014 November 25, 2014

Great idea indeed. This is the way we see this feature:

  • a [Take variation screenshot] button is available for each variation
  • when that button is pressed, a screenshot of the variation is taken
  • even if the variation is changed, the screenshot remains unchanged (until the button is pressed again)
  • users should be able to visualize screenshots via the UI and via the API (e.g. via a new "screenshot" field with URL pointing to the CDN-hosted screenshot)

The feature would allow users to save a visual representation of the variation whenever they're happy with the way the variation looks. The benefits are:

  • "Historical" Reference/Backup: over time the website changes, and eventually in the Optimizely editor variations no longer look like when they were set up, thus Optimizely doesn't do a good job at keeping a reference of past work.
  • Custom dashboards with REST API: one can build custom dashboards with the REST API (like we have). The problem is that whenever crucial information is missing from the API, it has to be provided manually, which defeats the purpose of using an API. FYI we've already requested a feature which goes in the same direction (
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by Optimizely
‎06-01-2015 June 1, 2015
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by jongaulding
‎11-09-2016 November 9, 2016

Hi @ShaneHale @SarahR @daannijkamp @max and all! Inspired by this product idea, our company recently launched an Optimizely app called Power Reports, which aims to empower you to create, share, and forever retain attractive reports for all your experiments (including, of course, screenshots). The app populates reports based on Optimizely data, then gives you total control to customize. You can learn more about the app here.




If you'd like to learn more, see a demo, or try out the app with your own experiments, reply here or email us at!



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