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LED stats display

Status: New
by sbottorff ‎07-22-2015 July 22, 2015

To keep the team informed, wouldn't it be cool to have a Wall St. style ticker display with all relevant experiment data scrolling through? Then you could add all your traffic and analytics data as well. I bet it's totally doable with RaspberryPi and the REST APIsomething like this


Export foratted PDF of results

Status: New
by jfx1026 ‎07-21-2015 July 21, 2015

I'd like the option to export the data as a clean presentable PDF. This would serve two purposes. First, sharing the information with less screen-savy people. Second, teh PFD can double as a file backup of testing results.


Bonus, PDFs are editable in tools like Adobe Illustrator - so I could tweak them for pretty presentation.


Test at 100% separate tab on dashboard

Status: Great Idea!
by jrichardson ‎07-14-2015 July 14, 2015 - edited ‎07-14-2015 July 14, 2015

It would be great to have a tab that listed all the tests at 100%. The current list setup makes it challenging to keep track of the experiments. Many times we need to see what is at 100% on that page before setting up a test. This would help manage and organize the list. 

Status: Great Idea!

I think this is a great idea. Thanks for sharing @jrichardson. In the mean time, perhaps you could try tagging your experiments that you have set to 100% with some descriptive text and a hashtag, such as "#100"? You can add a "Description" on the right side bar from Optimizely Home when you have an experiment selected. You can then do a search on Home for whatever hashtag you've set to easily filter your experiment list.


Dashboard that fits on a tablet screen

Status: New
by ilincev ‎06-25-2015 June 25, 2015

When I look at the home screen and resulst on a ipad (landscape orientation), it does not fit the screen and I have to scroll horizontally. Even when I do, I am not able to see the sidebar with the experiment details.

Supposedly, this should be an easy fix with media queries.


When I am correct: user are unbucketed from a variation of an experiment when experiment is 'paused'.

Promblem is when you restart the experiment they can get into a different variant then the one they were originally in, making the experiment in-valid.

So, my proposal is to keep users bucketed in the same variant even when expermint is paused/restarted again, and un-bucket users once the experiment gets archived.

(see info in ticket Request #99731).


Make it possible to delete Projects

Status: New
by maddy ‎06-01-2015 June 1, 2015

Hi Guys,


at the moment it is not possible to delete projects.


Once setup we cannot remove them from our dashboard.


Please give us the easy feature to be able to remove obsolete or unwanted, unused projects

from our account.




Saved Goal List Filtering

Status: New
by MJBeisch Level 2 ‎05-26-2015 May 26, 2015

I'm at the point with some of my clients where I have 50+ goals set up for them. It gets somewhat tedious having to scroll through that big list every time I want to add a saved goal to a new experiment. It would be really nice if the "Saved Goals" selection dialog had a text box that filtered the list (based on goal name) of goals based on what you type into it. Also maybe checkboxes/tabs for each of the goal types (pageview, click, event).


Referral exclusions (for payment providers)

Status: New
by StanR ‎04-15-2015 April 15, 2015

Maybe this has been said before.


Optimizely does not allow for referral exclusions. This means having an external payment provider completely destroys any channel data within the Optimizely interface. I argue that this makes transaction analyses on a source/medium level virtually impossible for a large part of the e-commerce parties.
The only way to reliably measure your channels in tests is via GA. Which should not be the default.
Optimizely and GA cookie gather data in the same way, but treat it differently
user 1:  - session 1: [google / cpc] 
              - session 2: [direct / none] - [ / referral]                      // Buckaroo is a payment provider.
user 2:  - session 1: [google / organic]
              - session 2; [affiliate1 / refferal] - [buckaroo / referral]                      
Both GA and Optimizely would measure 3 sessions per user based on the normal cookie configuration. For user 1 this would be cpc, direct and referral. For user 2; organic, affiliate and referral. This last referral is not a separate session, but a payment provider needed for transactions on the website. 
In GA we can add Buckaroo to the referral exclusions, so it does not overwrite the original source medium. However, we wish to execute more simple tests within the Optimizely interface in stead of GA. Here a transaction is always attributed to referral, thus losing all channel data for transactions.



An option to Disable Proxy by default to all the project experiments instead of keep on adding " &optimizely_disable_proxy=true" at the end of the url of the Experiment Editing Page


URL Targeting Groups

Status: New
by ‎03-24-2015 March 24, 2015



For a lot of my tests I run them across the same page URL targeting options but I have to keep copying them into each test.


It would be good if I could create url targeting groups/conditions that I can just click to apply to my test rather than having to copy all the URLs into each test.


Not sure if this is something that others may also find useful.


add images via API

Status: Great Idea!
by Arun Level 2 ‎03-19-2015 March 19, 2015

To speed up our development cycle we push up experiments and variations through the API. That's all well and good for JS & CSS but for images we have to go through a few more steps (adding the image to a variation and then getting the URL to use in our code). If there was an API wasy to add images to the variation or even a simple UI to upload images to CDN and get the URL that would save some steps.





Status: Great Idea!

Hi Arun, this is a great idea and we've discussed adding an asset library (with an API) to make this process easier.  Will follow up with you individually to discuss in more detail.





Wordpress Plugin Update

Status: Done
by misura ‎02-15-2015 February 15, 2015

I install the v1.0.1 Optimizely Wordpress Plugin and in the settings it says


Optimizely project code

You can find your project code on your project's experiments page. Go to, make sure you've selected the right project and click on <Project Code>, then click on 'Copy to Clipboard'. You can then paste the code in the box below. Your project code should start with "<script" and end with "</script>".


It would be nice if that was updated to reflect the current location to retrieve the project code: My Web Projects, Settings, Implementation.



Status: Done

Show Section Impact on MVT Result

Status: Great Idea!
by eOps ‎02-13-2015 February 13, 2015

It'd be great to have an easy way to measure impact of a section for MVT results. This is one of the purposes of MVT testing and would be very helpful. Right now, I can't see an easy way to get to a section impact even with playing with the drop-down menu for baseline. 


On your Resources>MVT vs. A/B page, you discuss this regarding the Avantages of MVT testing:

"Multivariate testing is a powerful way to help you target redesign efforts to the elements of your page where they will have the most impact. This is especially useful when designing landing page campaigns, for example, as the data about the impact of a certain element’s design can be applied to future campaigns, even if the context of the element has changed."



So, essentially, it would be nice to have an easy way to see the impact of a section so we can zone in on that area.


I attached a generic screenshot I found on Google Images which demonstrates it well.  You can see an example of how impact is shown in the 2nd column for each of the sections.


Thanks so much!

Status: Great Idea!

This is a great idea - to be able to see the impact that each axis of variation has on the overall result.  Something we will definitely think about going forward.


i would be great to be able to get the change log in the API.



Currently we do a software release every week, and I'd like to be able to include a list of experiments that were turned on/pff during that period.  Ideally the API would allow me to search the change logs filtering by change type (created/started/paused/etc); project or all projects; experiment or all experiments; date range.


I'd get back:




Project Name/number

experiment Name/number

Change Type (reset results; paused; started; archived; unarchived; etc)


Thank you!

Status: Working On It!

Hi There - I posted this in support and at this stage it deosn't exist so I was encouraged to add this as an idea. 


We do almost all of our test analysis in excel, so that we can add together only specific goals and calculate significance across multiple goals. 


At the moment, this is a very time consuming process having to export the results from each test individually. Ideally, we would be able to do this for an entire project. That would make it easier for us to automate reporting and save a significant amount of time each week. 




Status: Great Idea!

We definitely understand that many customers export data from Optimizely to external tools for analysis, such as Excel.  Anything we can do to make that workflow easier is definitely something we're interested in.


I'd like to understand more about what exactly you are exporting, so I can understand your request better.


Are you interested in just exporting the results of all tests, or would you need all the raw data, too?



Create View From Existing View

Status: New
by ‎12-11-2014 December 11, 2014

It's a generally accepted consequence that major updates/enhancements open the door to more requests. Even when everything is moving in a positive direction, getting what we want inescapably leads to wanting more.


The current presentation of the Results page encorporates so many things I've requested over the years that I must pause first to acknowledge what a great advancment this page is over its former incarnation. 


That said, my very first attempt at creating Custom Views immediately inspired a new feature request:


The ability to create a Custom View based on an existing Custom View.


The moment I used my new Custom View, I went to the center drop down and realized I'd love to see this view with all of the Goals set to "Chance to Beat Baseline" and be able to quickly switch between the states. I knew that I'd have to start all over from scratch and set:


  • The beginning date
  • Each Goal I wanted to track
  • Reorder them because, intuitively, I expect each additional Goal to be added at the bottom of the list but they are added to the top
  • Choose my segmentation
  • etc.

then, once I had an exact replica of the first view, add the graph view setting to each goal.


So, of course, I began looking for a way to copy the current Custom View so I could modify it rather than go through all the work to create it again. Alas, no such function was found. 


No "Save As New".

No "Save as Template".

No "Create New From".


Nope. Nothing.





It's worth noting that this request is about more than convenience*.


The most significant consideration when dealing with repetitive activity is the fact that manual operations such as this are prone to error and oversight. One can be much more confident that a set of identical views with one variation has been successfully generated if all the common elements can be recreated automatically.


* "If Necessity is the mother of invention, then Laziness is the father."

    - Thomas A. Fischer


Cross-team communication

Status: Done
by frambot ‎12-02-2014 December 2, 2014
I work in a team of web developers which is separated from another team which writes and manages Optimizely tests. Sometimes there will be miscommunication or no communication about the current and staged tests (at a technical level). I would like to know if this feature exists in some capacity:
User story: As a developer, I want a daily email digest of changes that have been made in the past day, so that I can be more informed of the code that is running outside of source control.
As a developer, I want an alert any time someone adds, modifies, or removes an Optimizely test, so that I can be more informed of the code that is running outside of source control.
Is there such a feature already? In short, I just want a changelog so that I can keep tabs on what other people are doing to the codebase.
Status: Done

At the moment it looks like it's only possible to launch a winning variation that has the highest conversion out of all variations.

When we segment by mobile/non-mobile, or weight different conversions and actions, sometimes we would like to launch a different variation from the one presented by Optimizely.

At the moment the workaround seems to be to clone the experiment and fiddle with the traffic allocation, but it would be much simpler to be able to launch the variation that we choose.

Status: Great Idea!

Should possibly be labelled a bug...

 We are currently running an experiment with a large number of variations (11 in total), and I've noticed that the results page does an ajax-style load of some of the experiments when the page is scrolled.

This is great for when the content is browsed interactively, but when I export to CSV for processing in Excel, I must scroll through the page first otherwise the data for all the experiments is not included in the CSV output.


Status: Great Idea!
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