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Transfer Audiences between projects

Status: Already Have It
by Allie ‎09-09-2014 September 9, 2014

I consistently work on two different projects (one for my dev site and one for my live site), and I have the same audiences for both. Will it ever be possible to transfer audiences between projects the way you can transfer goals? Especially if I have particularly complex audiences, it would be nice to be sure that they're running exactly the same on both projects. 

Status: Already Have It

I need a day-by-day breakdown of the conversion rate for each variation. This isn't available in the new results page, only conversions numbers (not conversion rate) broken down day-by-day.


Daily conversions without the context of how many unique visitors is not useful, as the nunber of unique visitors may vary depending on the segment, and of course, there might be slight variations in the unique number of visitors per variation on a day-to-day basis even if the experiment is a 50/50 A/B split test.


This feature has been available on major competitor platforms and it's very disappointing that Optimizely hasn't implemented this crucial feature.


It is a necessary step to for any conversion rate optimization project to investigate the daily conversion rates to see if there are any validity threats to the data on a particular day caused by various factors. In fact, if this could be done on a more granular basis, even better.


Right now this is impossible to do with Optimizely without exporting the raw data (which might consist of a large dataset) just to do this simple analysis.


This is an extremely important feature to my agency and would be relatively simply to implement as the number of conversions and number of unique visitors is already readily available.

Status: Already Have It

Demo Goals On Variations

Status: Already Have It
by ‎07-18-2014 July 18, 2014

It might be that I am missing something really obvious but when assigning goals I am never ever to test they are correctly tracking on the variations that have been created. It only allows you to see what is being tracked on the orginal page. This can be a bit annoying when creating new CTAs and you want to verify the goal recognises them..


Am I missing anything obvious? 

Status: Already Have It
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