New Integrations: Econda, Experiment Engine, Decibel Insight, and Inifinty Tracking

by Optimizely ‎07-22-2015 July 22, 2015 - edited ‎10-05-2015 October 5, 2015

Optimizely recently launched 4 new integrations!


  • Econda. Integrate Optimizely data in econda and run detailed analyses on your relevant E-commerce data.
  • Experiment Engine. Integrate Optimizely data in Experiment Engine to help manage your testing roadmap and source fully designed test variations.
  • Decibel Insight. View heatmaps, visitor replays, form analytics, and behavioral reports for each of your Optimizely variations.
  • Infinity Tracking. Track phone calls as an offline conversion goal using Infinity Tracking.


If you have any comments on how you can use these integrations, please comment below!


by rayloyd
‎10-22-2015 October 22, 2015

Thanks for the Experiment Engine shout out, Julie - if anyone has questions or would love to learn more, please message me Smiley Happy

Level 2
by JaxonLam
‎12-05-2017 December 5, 2017

Hi there! QQ: How do you enable partner integrations? I'm trying to figure out how to enable Decibel Insights, but am having a hard time doing so. Thanks.

Level 1
by Optimizely
‎12-07-2017 December 7, 2017

Hi @JaxonLam, the Decibel Insights integration was available for our legacy platform, Optimizely Classic, but as far as I know they have not yet updated it to work with Optimizely X. If you are using Optimizely Classic you can find the integration setup instructions here