New Technology Integrations: Call Rail, Effective Experiments, Extole, Localytics, Perfect Price, TVTY

by Optimizely ‎10-06-2015 October 6, 2015 - last edited on ‎10-06-2015 October 6, 2015 by Optimizely

Optimizely brings you 6 new technology integrations in the month of September! Everything from call tracking to mobile analytics to price testing and optimization. Learn more below and comment on this thread if you have any questions. 


  • Call Rail. Connect phone call and text message data tracked by CallRail to experiments managed by Optimizely. With the integration enabled, CallRail will report which variations of experiments are converting over the phone or SMS back to Optimizely as offline conversions.
  • Effective Experiments. Keep track of your optimization efforts in a more efficient manner. Instead of using a number of tools, CROs can use Effective Experiments as a bespoke platform to document ideas, test plans and experiments. 
  • Extole. Optimize referral and refer-a-friend programs to find out which referral experiences best engage people, what copy resonates best with audiences, what rewards and motivates customers to share the most, and more.
  • Localytics (iOS and Android)Access a powerful combination of A/B testing, mobile analytics, targeting, and mobile push notifications to help you and your team deliver timely, relevant, and delightful experiences to your app’s users.
  • Perfect Price. Use machine learning to easily test prices and promotions. The Optimizely integration enables one-click deployment of Perfect Price, so you can start without any engineering work required.
  • TVTYIntegrating with TVTY allows you to adapt the content of your site in real time based on offline event triggers including TV shows, sporting events (goals, team leading, current score,etc.), weather conditions (real time & forecast), health triggers (pollen, pollution & flu levels), stock values and virtually any real time data source.


call-rail-logo-200w.pngScreen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.10.01 AM.png

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