New setting to reduce snippet size by automatically removing unused goals

by Optimizely ‎04-21-2016 April 21, 2016

We're always looking for opportunities to empathize with our customers and provide more granular control around the settings for your Optimizely snippet. With a keen focus on performance, today we're rolling out the ability to archive goals from both your Optimizely app UI and the snippet, reducing snippet size and improving performance without any loss of historical data from deleting the goal completely.


Currently, archiving an old goal will only remove that goal from the user interface within the Optimizely app, but the goal value would remain in the snippet in case this goal was still attached to any experiments within the snippet.


With this new project setting, you are able to dictate that any archived goals that are not associated with any experiments in your Optimizely snippet will be removed from both the user interface and the snippet code. Once this setting is checked, Optimizely intelligently knows which goals to remove from the snippet automatically based on what experiments currently live in your snippet code. This setting can be found under Home > Settings > Labs:



Goals can also be deleted, which would remove them from the snippet code, but also remove them entirely from the project which deletes all historical data associated with that goal within experiment results.


This new setting allows for your team to keep performance top of mind without losing any context within your previous results.


Note: If you would only like goals to be included for currently running experiments, you would need to select to "Exclude Draft and Paused Experiments" under Home > Settings > Privacy, which would remove these experiments from your snippet.


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