Optimizely Apps is in Beta

by Optimizely ‎03-15-2016 March 15, 2016


Today we’re excited to move Optimizely Apps into beta. Apps are a selection of tools accessible within the Optimizely platform that enable users to customize their optimization workflows and improve overall productivity.


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 11.07.27 AM (1).png


Optimizely customers on select Enterprise plans can access the following apps built by Optimizely and third-party developers:


  • Sheets Embed: Access Google spreadsheets related to your Optimizely projects directly within Optimizely.
  • Snippet Inspector: Visualize the content of your web snippet to determine how to improve performance.
  • Headline Testing: Create article headline experiments in just a few clicks without using the Optimizely visual editor.
  • Test Duration Calculator (developed by CROmetrics): Get an estimate of how long you’ll need run an experiment to see statistically significant experiment results.
  • FunnelEnvy Test Factory (developed by FunnelEnvy): Submit experiment requirements to the FunnelEnvy team to provide a quote and develop the test more efficiently.

If you’re interested in trying Apps, you can enable it for your project under Settings > Labs.  For more information on how to enable and use Apps, see Introduction to Optimizely Apps.


We hope you find these first set of apps useful and look forward to hearing your feedback!


Are you a developer interesting in building an Optimizely App? Click here.



“Optimizely’s Sheets Embed is a handy app that we use all the time here at Carnival. It serves so many different purposes and is a great place to keep track of our wins and upcoming tests. We use it to log notes about every active test so our development and scrum teams can quickly reference exactly what’s running and where. It’s a huge asset especially when we have multiple collaborators working in a single project.””


-Jessica Dewing, Carnival Cruise Line