Optimizely + OAuth = <3

by Optimizely ‎03-24-2015 March 24, 2015

Hi everyone,


Today we’re excited to announce that Optimizely now supports authorization via OAuth 2.0, the industry standard for authorization. Now you can authorize 3rd party apps to access your Optimizely data via our REST API in a simple and secure way, without having to share your API key or password.


Customers will now see a “Connect with Optimizely” button like the one below in apps that use OAuth for authentication. After clicking the button, you’ll be able to sign in with your Optimizely credentials and securely grant permission for the app to access your Optimizely account data.




We’ve also added an API Access page, where you can see all of the apps you’ve granted access to, and if you’d like, you can revoke access directly from the page. You can learn more in our knowledge base article.



If you’re a developer, you can learn how to implement OAuth in your app in our developer documentation.