Optimizely X now includes support for iOS and Android

by Optimizely ‎01-24-2017 January 24, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that you can now experiment in any iOS or Android app with new SDKs available today in Optimizely X Mobile.


The new iOS and Android SDKs include enhanced features and developer tools to enable development teams to quickly and easily run A/B tests, roll out features, deliver personalized experiences, and update apps in real-time without an App Store or Google Play review.


The new SDKs were built from the ground up to be easier, more powerful, and more flexible for app developers. We’ve made some big updates, including:


  • Live variables. You can now define live variables in your app with just one line of code and change those variables on the fly, without doing an App Store release. 
  • Streamlined workflow. It’s now easier than ever to create experiments with just a few clicks. We’ve redesigned our web application and SDKs to be fast and as easy as possible for product managers and app developers to use.
  • Full Stack experiments. You can use our iOS and Android SDKs in conjunction with any of our Full Stack SDKs in Java, Python, Ruby, Node, PHP, and JavaScript to run experiments that span frontend and backend changes, or even multiple channels.
  • Flexibility for developers. All Optimizely X SDKs are open source and include a ton of options for configuring to your production environment. Many of our customers have asked for more advanced options to configure networking, logging, integrations, and more. These options are all now available, and we’ve designed our SDKs to be easily pluggable and configurable to help your team adapt.

If you’re already an Optimizely customer and you’re interested in getting access to Optimizely X Mobile, ask your CSM to have it enabled for your company’s plan, or create a free trial at optimizely.com/mobile