Optimizely and Bizible

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Hello Everyone,



Last month we announced that Optimizely could talk to Salesforce directly via a Bizible integration. I want to shed some light into our partner, Bizible, and some additional details about the integration.





What does Bizible do?


Bizible helps people make profitable marketing decisions by connecting sales and marketing data, enabling them to allocate budget with confidence.


Integration Details:


Bizible’s solution combined with Optimizely means that, for the first time, companies with a sales team can now easily trace specific experiments to business impact. In the past, companies with sales teams were limited to form submissions to assess performance of A/B testing. However, more leads does not always equal more revenue, and in fact can cause sales strain and lost time. No longer. In addition to measuring revenue uplift of specific variations, Bizible and Optimizely customers can also:

  • See lead to opportunity conversion rate by variation.
  • Run complex reports on other Salesforce and Bizible fields such as variation revenue by device type, location, or by marketing source.
  • Since A/B experiment details are published to Salesforce, it’s easy for sales to know which version of a page a contact had seen, which is great for testing things like pricing.






Integration Requirements:


  1. Bizible subscription
  2. Select Optimizely Enterprise plans




Once you are a customer of both Optimizely and Bizible and are running experiments, installation is automatic. Simply reach out to Bizible to enable the feature.




a preview of the integration:


The integration in action:




Point of Contact:


Request a personal demo of the integration at http://info.bizible.com/demo


Andy Turman