Optimizely’s Android SDK Is Now In Beta

by Optimizely ‎02-04-2015 February 4, 2015

Hi everyone!


We launched the Developer Preview of Optimizely’s Android SDK in November. Today, we’re excited to announce that the Android SDK is now available in public beta for anyone to use. The SDK makes it easy to A/B test and optimize the experiences you deliver to the users of your Android app.


  • What does “public beta” mean? A “public beta” feature is one that’s feature complete but could still use a little more polish and testing before calling it final. We recommend testing your app thoroughly before sending to users to make sure everything is working properly.

  • Is it stable? Yes! We test each version of our SDKs thoroughly before releasing them to developers. That said there may still be times when unexpected bugs make it through. If that happens, we’ll let you know the moment we do, and we’ll release a fix as soon as possible.

  • When will it be fully released? We’re working toward a general release as quickly as possible, and you can help us get there faster by trying out the public beta! The more beta users there are, the more quickly we’ll be able to verify that the product is ready for general release.

  • What do I get for participating in the beta? Other than helping us get to general release faster (as mentioned above), we’re also allowing a limited number of customers to participate in our Android SDK Early Evangelist Program (EEP). The EEP gives you dedicated, personalized support and exclusive meetings with our product and engineering teams. We can only support a small number of EEP participants, so email sales@optimizely.com if you’re interested!

  • Is the beta supported? Yes! Our mobile engineering and customer success teams are on hand to help you through any technical issues you might encounter with the beta. Please send all feedback, questions, and bugs to android@optimizely.com. We also have self-service support resources in the Knowledge Base, Developer Docs, and Optiverse community.

  • How do I get it? Simply sign into your Optimizely account and then create a new project. From there, select the Android project type and walk through the implementation steps. New customers can create an account at optimizely.com/mobile.


95 percent of consumers today start a task on one device and finish on another, and we’re committed to helping you deliver connected, delightful experiences on all of them.


Click here to learn more, and discuss in the comments below – we’re excited to hear your feedback!



The Optimizely Team

by luke
‎02-09-2015 February 9, 2015

Hey Sean,


Trying to dl the Android SDK but it only gives me the iOS option.

Any other way to grab it?

Level 1
by Optimizely
‎02-09-2015 February 9, 2015

Hey Luke-- are you able to create an Android project from the "Create Project" dialog? What's your account e-mail address ? (Feel free to e-mail me at suneet at optimizely.com ) and I can look into it.