We’ve Made Goal Modules Even Better

by Optimizely ‎09-23-2014 September 23, 2014

Hi Optinauts,


As many of you know, Optimizely’s results page has recently undergone a few big updates to make it easier to make data driven decisions using your experiment results.


In June we launched a major update to make the results page more flexible and provide more action-oriented views of your experiment data. In August, we took your feedback and gave the Performance Summary Module a big facelift to provide a more at-a-glance view of the key pieces of information you need to gauge the status of your experiments.


Today we’re excited to announce a brand new look at experiment Goal Modules. Here’s what it looks like:



The new Goal Modules highlight conversions, conversion rate, improvement, and chance to beat baseline across all of your experiment variations at-a-glance, without a having to click through to an expanded view. You can also sort these numbers by clicking on the respective column headers.


If you want a more detailed visualization of how this information looks over time, simply click “Show Chart” to see the time series:



You can also turn on and off individual variations in your chart to create more focused visualizations to share with stakeholders:



Here’s a comparison with the previous Goal Modules:



The updated Goal Modules are available now for everyone. Check it out by visiting a results page for one of your experiments. Then, let us know what you think! This is an incredibly important area for us, and we love hearing your feedback.