What's new in your Optimizely? August 2016 Product Release

by Optimizely ‎08-24-2016 August 24, 2016

Hi Everyone,


This month, we’ve added new capabilities to Optimizely Personalization that give you more flexibility in creating your experiences, improved targeting, and more powerful insights from your campaign results. Here’s what’s new:


Experimentation in Personalization

Get the best of Personalization and Testing together: set up experiments within audiences to understand which variation performs best.




















Run experiments within each personalization audience to determine which variation works best.



Extend the visual editor with reusable templates like banners, popups, and carousels which match your website style and that non-technical users can edit.




















Extensions create flexible experiences that developers can control, but that non-technical users can easily reuse and change in the visual editor.


Multi-Audience Targeting

Target campaigns to a specific combination of audiences.



















Experiences with multiple audiences can now be targeted with ‘Any,’ ‘All,’ or ‘Custom’ combinations.


Behavioral Targeting API

Programmatically access and process your customers’ behavioral events to create new audiences for advanced targeting.

















Target an audience of visitors who have viewed certain products or have met certain behavior thresholds.


Results Segmentation

Filter campaign results by different visitor attributes to discover new audiences and understand the impact of your campaigns more granularly.



















Filter your results by device type, campaign source, or any other visitor attribute. 


Here’s where to find each feature in Optimizely:

  • Experimentation in Personalization: Customers of both Testing and Personalization can find variations under the Settings icon for each audience.
  • Extensions: Enable under the left Implementation tab under Extensions. Learn more about setting up Extensions here.
  • Multi-Audience Targeting: Add multiple audiences to an experience, then choose the “Any,” “All,” or “Custom” option.
  • Behavioral Targeting API: For Personalization customers, the API is enabled. Documentation can be found here.
  • Results Segmentation: Access segmentation in the Results page drop-down menu.


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by JamesSpittal
‎08-29-2016 August 29, 2016

Multi-Audience Targeting is massive. Ability to set up experiments within audiences is great, too. Behavioural targeting API for some advanced behavioural audiences (such as the example of page names, sorted by viewing frequency) looks like it'll be useful, too. Good update.

Level 2
by GrantW
‎09-01-2016 September 1, 2016

So are all of these updates only for the Personalization platform or do any of them apply to customers just using A/B Testing?

Level 2
by JamesSpittal
‎09-01-2016 September 1, 2016

@GrantW: Can confirm that 'Experimentation in Personalization' is only viewable/usable in the personalisation dashboard. Same with extensions, since that's not a thing in A/B testing. Results segmentation is already a thing in A/B testing by Device/Browser/Source Type.


Behavioural targeting is mostly relevent to Personalization customers, too.


The API doc (http://developers.optimizely.com/javascript/personalization/#behavior) does explain that this API will be accessible if you have Behavioral Targeting enabled in your account, though.

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