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How to manage multiple customers

IncentiVentas 07-08-14

How to manage multiple customers

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I am a small AdWords agency and I am testing Optimizely to offer it to my customers (no more than 30).

I would like to use different projects for each customer in order to have a unique project code per customers as well as having unique goals and just one charge on my credit card.

I see the only way to do this is to go for the Platinum account, is this correct?

Is there any alternative to have multiple projects other than having Bronze accounts for each customer?

What is the best strategy to handle multiple customers?

Thanks for your help.

adzeds 07-08-14

Re: How to manage multiple customers

I am sure there is someone on here that is in the same position as you so may be able to offer a bit more specific advice, but as I understand it the Platinum account level is the only one that would meet all your needs.

You could start with a smaller package if you had up to 5 or so clients trying it to begin with.

Nice to see you are taking your clients business seriously and looking to improve their performance, it is refreshing to see.
David Shaw
Level 11

Re: How to manage multiple customers

Hi IncentiVentas and adzeds, 

I am a part of the Partnerships Team here at Optimizely and we are very thankful for your feedback and recommendations as we are building out our Partner Program. It's great to hear that your team is testing for clients and spreading the data-driven decision making philosophy. I am also adding a link to our eBook on converting from SEM that has some pointers and best practices that you may be able to implement for clients.

In response to your question, each client needs to have their own unique license of Optimizely, meaning that you cannot organize clients per project under a single account. The reason for this is to protect client data.

What are some other recommendations that I can take to my team that would help your agencies test for clients?